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SVEDKA Vodka is a smooth and easy-drinking vodka infused with a subtle, rounded sweetness, making it an ideal addition to countless vodka cocktails. Now made in the USA, this unflavored vodka is distilled four times to remove impurities, using a continuous distillation process to ensure that ingredients never stall or pool. The result is a clean, clear taste with a balanced body and a crisp finish, making this 80 proof vodka a bold, crowd-pleasing choice. Mix this popular vodka alcohol into cosmopolitans or vodka martinis, or chill and pour over ice to enjoy a vodka on the rocks, savoring the crisp finish. Go Responsibly. Svedka® © 2022 Spirits Marque One, San Francisco, CA Vodka distilled from grain 40% alc/vol

Svedka (1.75)

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